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Half side of Gelbvieh beef

A Half side of Gelbvieh beef. At Butternut Farms, we utilize "green" methods of farming and raising our Gelbvieh cattle! We do NOT administer steroids, our cattle are grass feed, and what corn they receive, we manufacturer ourselves! At Butternut Farms we strive to produce
the best mama cows and low bw high gain bulls. All our cows are in the top 10% of the GELBVIEH breed. We use AI to keep older genetics within our closed herd of females. We serve all aspects of the cattle industry - FB & PB breeders - commercial breeders- semen buyers. Contact Butternut Farms for all your whole, side, or quarter Gelbvieh freezer beef needs.
Half (1/2) side of Gelbvieh beefHalf (1/2) side of Gelbvieh beef
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Manufacturer: Butternut Farms

To reserve your half-side of Gelbvieh beef. We take orders for beef from our Gelvbvieh cows until we have enough orders to total a whole Gelvbieh cow. That way you know you are getting only the freshest meat possible.

Half-side of beef is approximately 250 - 400 pounds depending on live weight of aminal.  Price is based on hanging weight, cut, wraped, and frozen not finished cut up combined weight. Meat can be cut to order, based on your specifications. You choose what cuts you want. The processor cuts, wraps the beef, making it easy to find in the freezer, and to remain fresh and freezer burn resistant.

Usual order processing time..depends on the amount volume the processor is dealing with at the time. We can usually expect at least 2 give yourself plenty of time. Delivery available within 20 miles radius of our Butternut Farm between Bolivar and Zoar in beautiful Lawrence township of Tuscarawas county, Ohio.


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